Waikato Journal of Education


Videoconferencing interview; building rapport; nonverbal cues; Zoom software; socio-cultural aspect


This research note aimed to highlight the reflections of the researcher while conducting videoconferencing interviews as a part of his doctoral research project. The researcher drew some inferences based on recent literature and two videoconferencing interviews conducted with the doctoral students via Zoom. It was a crucial experience to deal with the recruitment of research participants, building rapport/understanding, especially with the female participant, exchanging nonverbal cues between researcher and participants, considering socio-cultural aspects of the participants, writing the interview summaries and getting them reviewed by the participants. Moreover, technological aspects were also considered important like having a PC, laptop or android of good condition with consistent internet connectivity, appropriate software (Zoom) and recording of the interviews, backup of the recordings, making sure electricity and other equipment essential for videoconferencing interviews was available. Besides, reviewing the order of questions and time for the research interviews is also important for videoconferencing interviews. The researcher believes that it might be possible to increase the trustworthiness of the videoconferencing interviews by considering all these aspects.


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