Waikato Journal of Education


This research examined the impact of story sharing and reflective dialogue on mathematics teachers’ professional learning in Fiji. Employing a qualitative research methodology, semi-structured interviews were used to gather data from nine Fijian secondary school mathematics teachers. The study established that: 1) teachers improve their instructional practice when they share stories of classroom experiences of teaching with their colleagues and collectively reflect on those stories; 2) the truth of stories is that those that are concrete and willingly shared are powerful in transferring rich knowledge; and 3) when teachers share their stories with their colleagues and engage in reflective dialogue, it provides rich conversations that enhances teachers’ professional growth. Understanding the impact of story sharing and reflective dialogue could provide policy makers and administrators with valuable insights into how to best accommodate into educational policy to enhance teachers’ professional growth.


Story sharing; reflective dialogue; instructional practice; mathematics teachers; professional learning

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