Waikato Journal of Education


Literature shows that international travel as part of tertiary studies can result in transformational learning and increased global citizenry. There is a growing body of research in this field but most has focused on study abroad programmes, mainly in North American universities, based on the delivery of course content in a setting outside the country of origin. This present study examines the experience of participants from a university on a tertiary travel award with specific educational intent, but not based on a credit-bearing course delivering subject-specific content. Fifteen participants and four chaperones from five annual intakes (2013-2017) were interviewed and themes from the interviews provide evidence of the transformative educational outcomes of such an undertaking, and of how such an experience can nurture global citizenry. Findings provide evidence of all three aspects of global citizenry emanating from the travel award experience: global awareness, global-mindedness and global competence.

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