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Sisiolo, J., & Giles, D. (2011). Experiences of being a leader in Choiseul Province: Opening principals’ and deputy principals’ contexts of leadership. Waikato Journal of Education, 16(2). https://doi.org/10.15663/wje.v16i2.56


The prolific growth of community high schools in the Solomon Islands coincides with a shortage of qualified leaders and teachers. Indeed the context for those currently in leadership is complex and greatly influenced by the local community. In this context, being in leadership positions the principal in an intense set of changing interrelationships. Using a case study approach, the context of eleven school leaders in the six community high schools was explored for themes which would open understandings of what it is like to 'be' a leader in Choiseul. The findings of this research raise a number of issues for those concerned with educational leadership and the context of leadership in Choiseul. Of concern is the physical and emotional impact of the remoteness and isolation, which is seen as a major impediment to leadership preparation and ongoing professional development. The findings also showed that school leaders were typically influenced by the local community. The research findings provide the basis for a reconsideration of policies and practices that might support and enable current and future school leaders in Choiseul.


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