Vol 20, No 1 (2015)

Special e-edition. International Drama In Education Research Institute (IDIERI) 7: New Zealand Papers

DOI: 10.15663/wje.v20i1

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Introduction to the Journal part 1 HTML
Viv Aitken
Introduction to the Journal part 2 HTML
Michael Finneran


“When you’ve been doing it as long as I have ...” Repositioning children through role-based strategies in classroom research Video
Viv Aitken
What deathless powers: A conversation with Steinbeck to problematize the role of the ethnographic researcher in education Video
Esther Fitzpatrick
Literacy, creativity and democracy: Creative strategies for teaching critical literacy & implications for teacher education Video
Janinka Greenwood, Aud Saebo
Making the Shift: From performance to process Video
Chris Holland
“It’s easy to imagine ... because you’ve been up there!”—A case study of drama as a pedagogy for writing in one New Zealand classroom Video
Sarah Marino
Inviting entanglements: Researching ‘with/in’ applied theatre companies Video
Molly Mullen
Staging the Textbook: Supplementing the ESL textbook with drama Video
Abdullah M Nawi, Janinka Greenwood
Purpose, Power, Position: Border crossing between science and drama through Mantle of the Expert Video
Carrie Swanson

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