A study on novice and experienced teacher perceptions of professional development in Fiji

Parmeshwar Prasad Mohan


This research examines novice and experienced teacher perceptions of school-based professional development (PD). Using a qualitative research design, data were gathered by means of document analysis and semi-structured interviews with 10 novice and 10 experienced teachers from two case study schools (one rural and one urban). The major findings to emerge are: first, the PD needs of novice teachers and experienced teachers differ, secondly, all teachers need PD to sustain the changes made to their teaching practice regardless of their difference in experiences; and finally, teachers' PD should be well planned to meet the teachers’ needs. Overall, both the novice and experienced teachers' perception is that PD enables them to work on improving their practice to ensure more effective facilitation of students learning and teaching. This study, by providing information on the PD of the novice and experienced teachers in Fiji, could be of interest to schools and the Ministry of Education (MoE).


Professional development (PD); Ministry of Education (MoE); novice teacher; experienced teacher; perceptions; effectiveness

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DOI: 10.15663/wje.v21i1.265


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