Experiential learning: A narrative of a community dance field trip

Ralph Buck, Karen Barbour


In this paper, we offer a co-constructed narrative of experiential learning in the context of a community dance trip undertaken by tertiary students. We describe the unfolding experiences of a weekend field trip and reflect on community dance practices and values with a view towards articulating a shared vision for community dance. A framework for community dance (Kuppers, 2006; Peppiatt, 1996) provides a context for the students’ learning and for situating our understandings of the interrelationships between art, education, politics, society and environment. Literature on community dance practice and from sociology, experiential learning, and environmental and cultural education provides direction as we interpret our experiences. While this paper is presented as a co-constructed narrative based on our observations during the field trip, we also include comments made by students, along with reflective interludes as we discuss the field trip in relation to dance education.


Community dance; education; experiential learning; narrative; environmental dance

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DOI: 10.15663/wje.v20i3.226


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